At Vertical Grain Projects we believe a home should be as multifunctional as you are. That’s why we create comfortable, flexible, highly efficient living spaces that are undeniably appealing.

We want your home to work for everything you do — hanging out with kids and the family dog, taking over the world from your home office, entertaining the people you love, cooking up a storm, lingering over Sunday brunch … all of the above!

So, before we begin each remodelling project we make sure we understand who uses each space, and how. Whether yours is a small renovation or a complete architectural reimagining, we keep you at the heart of the project. Our entire process is designed to be transparent, so you always have a handle on costs, timing and direction. Design and construction excellence is not enough: we also want you to feel respected and assured that you are a partner in the process.

At Vertical Grain we take care of everything from start to finish, so you can focus on the important things, like living your best life in a home you love.



Doug Pearcey is a hands-on guy. He knows how to translate clients’ visions into efficient, affordable — and beautiful — spaces. He works with the zeal of a man who almost took the wrong path. Doug was well on his way to a Chartered Accountant designation when he realized that his passion wasn’t numbers.

Fascinated by architecture and design, Doug took a career leap and started at the bottom of the residential construction industry, pushing a broom. He fell in love with being on the job site and quickly moved into project management. Within two years, he was running his own company.

Today, Doug oversees the team and thrives on the daily satisfaction of watching projects come together.


Caroline Pearcey skillfully juggles multiple roles at Vertical Grain Projects, from bookkeeper and PR consultant to all-round operations officer. She brings her love of beauty and smart design to everything she touches.

Clients, team members and all aspects of the building site benefit from her background in logistics and project management and her keen sense of order so the work can proceed smoothly.


As a founding member of the Vertical Grain Projects team, Nelly brings many years of experience supervising on site.

She is a stickler for details and appreciates craftsmanship.

In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the woods followed by lengthy naps on the couch.